life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all

~Hellen Keller~


I am Muriel and I am devoted to helping people just like yourself to build a life full of happiness, passion and fulfillment by breaking through personal barriers and turning their passion into a full-time income.

My programs are designed to help you to create a life by your design, (whether that is in Costa Rica or anywhere else in the world), fully connected to your dream, your vision, your goals, and YOUR desires.

I will show you online and offline strategies that have proven themselves for me and many of my clients and generated multiple 6 figures every year, even while living in Costa Rica, working just 3 hours per day online.

"A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you,

then you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.”

~ Bob Proctor ~



So.... Who am I?

I am a life & business coach, an entrepreneur and an international speaker, and most of all I am a mother of 2 and the wife of Dirk who also happens to be my business partner.


I started my coaching career working in the Health and Care industry and have over 23 years of experience with coaching and guiding people from all walks of life to their next step in life.


However, seeing my co-workers and clients more often than my loved ones and seriously getting underpaid I reached my breaking point almost a decade ago.


And when on top of that my hubby lost his restaurant business I couldn't cope with the huge financial responsibility that fell on my shoulders.


I was overworked, underpaid, and hardly got any quality time with my kids or with Dirk!


It was this year I decided to master new skills so I could be independent and help people globally.


After investing tens of thousands of dollars, working with multiple 6 and 7 figure mentors I became the person and life coach as I am today.


I cracked the code of affiliate marketing, passive online income, multiple streams of income (MSI), social media attraction marketing, traffic, the Law of Attraction, the power of the subconscious mind, and team-building.  


In 2018 relocated and moved with my family of 4 to Costa Rica.


I now work pretty remotely, 5 minutes away from the ocean & fully online from my home. 


My vision and mission is to help ordinaire people like yourself and I to break free from their daily routine and current situation in life.

To discover their dreams and turn them into a reality.

What Others Say About Working With Me

Will You Be Our Next Success story?

My Programs

Program 1


Discover & Craft The Fundaments Of a Crystal Clear Vision For Your Future



Program 2

Unstoppable Warrior

Take Your Vision To The Next Level Break Through Personal Mind Blocks That Have Been Holding You Back For All Those Years

Program 3

Be The Master

The Ultimate Guide To Freedom.

Become The True Creator Of Your Own Life, Make Profits Online By Doing What You Love & Work Less Live More!


Your Soul Purpose In Life Is To Be Happy

Take Off

 Discover Your True Passion And Craft a Crystal Vision For Your Future

Duration: 3 Bi-Weekly Sessions - In Group or Private Sessions 

What Will We Cover:

  • I will take you by the hand to discover your goals and dreams in life, and create a crystal clear vision, because:

    A vision can be seen as someone’s most important ‘power engine’ to create change and a better quality of life, helping to press on in times of set-backs and fear when leaving the familiar ‘comfort-zone’.

    You will be given a step-by-step vision work-assignment to implement, which will be the work-material in session 2.

  • We’ll evaluate your work assignment and you will be offered a safe space to define your deeper goals and dreams and desires, accountability, Q & A, tips, a live visualization exercise, and advice to complete your ‘Vision Statement’, because:
    Your ‘Vision Statement’ is the foundation of your personal game plan, helping you to achieve your wildest dreams and overcoming your biggest challenges and fears in life and business.

    You will be guided in reaching your deeper inner desires, goals, and dreams and sometimes, defining your fears.

  • Conclusion, Q & A and practical  recommendations about your options and your potential next step, leading to living the life described in your Vision Statement. 

Take Off Bonuses

Bonus #1

‘Vision Manifesto’. Guidance and Workbook

Bonus #2

My recommended personal-development book-list.​

Bonus #3

20 Minute 1 on 1 follow up call to touch base and hear how your progress is coming, within 30 days after completing your coaching program.

Bonus #4

Dream Life Daily Action Plan (Text File).

Total Bonus Value: $497

The Unstoppable Warrior 

Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Duration: 5 Bi-Weekly sessions - In group Or Private Sessions

What Will We Cover:

  • Everything Of The Take Off Program

    This is where we focus on creating the foundation of your vision.

  • How To Create a 3 Dimensional Vision Board

    To help you to intensify the power of your Vision Statement.


    I'll give you tips, advice on your work and shown examples of the previous coaching students, on how to implement the step by step video-assignment showing how to create a 3D vision board you can step into.

    The goal is to create step by step a vision board looking so realistic, that it will help you to speak your ideal world into existence by feeling NOW, exactly how you would feel living your perfect day.  That will help you pull your dream life into the now, according to the Law Of Attraction. It's a powerful strategy to create a Life By Design.

  • How To Find and "Look The Dragon In The Eye" Session:

    This session is focused on defining and facing fears and negative past events that might be blocking you from stepping outside your comfort zone.  These often bubble up in a process of change and making a vision board and tapping in your deepest desires.

    Then you will be given you a step by step guided exercise on how to surrender and let go, breaking free from the life that no longer fulfills you and creating a gateway to your new Happy, Free and Fulfilled Life, By Design.

Unstoppable Warrior Bonuses

Bonus #1 To #4 As Named Above

Bonus #5

30 Minute 1 on 1 aftercare-session to talk about the effects of the surrender exercise, taught in our fourth session.  If needed, recommendations, tips, advice.

Bonus #6

Informative introduction-to-meditation-video-session (recorded video, plus text file), helping you to stay equanimous in times of setback, challenges, and to apply at the beginning and end of your day. 

Total Bonus Value: $797

Be The Master

Become The Master And Creator Of Your Life

Duration: 8 Bi-Weekly Sessions - In Group Or Private Sessions

What Will We Cover:

  • Everything Of The Take Off And Unstoppable Warrior Sessions

  • Winning Marketing
    I Will Show You My Most Successful Online And Offline Strategies That Have Generated Multiple 6 Figures, While Living In Paradise, Working Just 3 Hours Per Day.


    How You Can Package Your Passions, Talents And Authentic Voice Into An Irresistible Product To Offer Online.


    How To Sell Anything Without Chasing Friends And Family Or Talking To Random Strangers.


  • Mindmapping Session

    In this session, we’ll be brainstorming in order to find your passions, talents and authentic voice, and to select one to package into a product to offer online.  You will also be shown how to find out if there’s a demand for this product and niche online.

  • How To Build Your Sales Funnel Online Session

    In this session, you will learn what the building blocks of your 100% remote & online business are, how they look like and how they work.

    After this session, you’ll understand how smart technology replaces ‘old school’ recruiting strategies and why you never have to chase friends, family, or talk to random strangers, and why home- or hotel- meetings and grinding long hours per day behind a laptop is simply a waste of your precious time!


    This session gives you a clear overview of how a semi-or fully automated successful online business is built around your passions and talents, and how easy the sales process is when following a proven formula of attracting people to you, vs selling and repelling and how to leverage smart tools and systems to work for you when you sleep.

    You’ll be given a work-assignment to test drive my simple recommended online tools and systems, so you know exactly where to start when launching your online business.

  • How To Attract Your Perfect Customer

    This session will teach you how to attract your perfect customer online to any product, by using the strategy of storytelling and video marketing.  This prevents wasting time with people who never will buy from you. 

    You’ll be shown examples you can model after and given and an implementation assignment to get moving with your story as a building block for your online marketing and creating a connection with your audience online.

    We’ll touch also on branding and how to stand out from the crowd of your competitors, as preparation for your Branding Coaching Bonus.

  • My Exclusive And Recommended List Of High Ticket Affiliate Products And Programs That Helped Me To Make Multiple 6 Figures Online From My Hammock

    This session I will show you where you can get started to build your multiple passive streams of income online, without chasing people and without having your own product or website whatsoever.  Affiliate marketing is a billion dollar industry and you can benefit from it starting today.

Be The Master Bonuses

All Bonusses Named Above And:

Bonus #7

YouTube Marketing Traffic Training (Recorded Video Modules) teaching you:
- How to create an online and passive side income by making YouTube videos.
- How to make profits online by sharing your passion and helping others by sharing your expertise.
- How to sell affiliate or your own products without selling, or chasing friends and family
- How to generate free warm leads who already know you, like you, and trust you.

Bonus #8

Crafting your story copy-write training  teaching you how to help your followers identify themselves with you, Know, Like and trust you before you ever talked with them. 

This is the secret key for making sales online while you sleep  before someone has seen your offer yet.

Bonus #9

How to make a pocket-size goal card 
Learn about the step by step process, which free to use, to carry your goals and dreams with you every day.

Bonus #10

This module will teach you how to make a bridge marketing video.
A Bridge video is the marketing key to warm up your prospects for the offer you will present to them, by showing them a short video that appeals to their problems, pain, goals and dreams.

There's a proven formula for it, and this module will show it all!

Bonus #11

Building Your Online Marketing Funnel Training is the foundation for building your online sales funnel.

This is a priceless recourse to model after when building your own sales funnel, time after time, also when your coaching program is completed.

Bonus #12

Set of 5 of our best converting emails to follow up with your leads (Text File).
Key to converting leads in to sales is having a successful follow-up sequence in your autoresponder (as shared in session 

"How To Build Your Sales Funnel Online".)  You'll be given this text document to implement right away to help you create responsiveness, and help you to build up a relationship with your leads, both an important key to convert leads into sales.

Bonus #13

FB chat strategy and 7 Figure closing (phone) script, which I have personally learned from 1 of my 7 figure mentors.
I've used it successfully since 5 years to help people taking the leap to invest in $1,000 to $25,000.00 products serving their wants and needs.  You're able to simply copy and paste the script and it will show you which mental steps people need to overcome to click your buy button and make the purchase even when they have objections.

Bonus #14

How to build your brand.  This session will help you to stand out of the crowd of competitors and how to be a magnet for your perfect customer.  I'll be showing you some simple hacks to apply to be a magnet and to be seen in the ocean of others on Social Media and on the web.

Bonus #15

Private VIP Messenger Group.
You've probably heard the saying "You are the average of the 5 closest people you hang around", and that couldn't be further from the truth.  If you want to create massive success you better be around the BIG players. That's exactly why I give you access to my Inner Circle Messenger Group.  You'll be able to ask questions and get support from me in between sessions,  for motivation, inspiration, accountability helping you to get most out of your coaching program.

Total Bonus Value: $2747.-

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