Are You Thinking About Moving To Costa Rica?

But you have a ton of questions?

Moving to a foreign country is a big decision and is a life event that has to be carefully prepared.ūüĆī


It will always be about taking a leap of faith, but there are many questions that can be answered so you feel more confident.

Hi, My name is Muri√ęl Dijkema and in 2018 I moved, with my husband Dirk and our 2 kids to Costa Rica and decided to settle around Santa Teresa - Delicias on the Peninsula de Nicoya.


We started out with renting a 2 bedroom apartment, moved twice in a period of 1 year and finally bought a 5.5 acre piece of land 10 minutes from the ocean.


Our 2 kids go to school here, we have build a house and enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Do you have questions about:

- Where to live in Costa Rica

- What to bring

- What not to bring

- Schools

- Finances

- Permits

- Work

- Building a business online

- Bringing your existing business online

- Shopping

- Residency

- Visa

- Renting a house

- Buying property

- Building your dream house

- My life-and business coaching programs, wonder it's a right fit?

- Or any other Moving to Costa Rica related questions?

I totally get it, we had the same!

Is this for us, can we do it?

My doubts were taken away after I was able to connect with someone who did it before us.


I felt more confident and knew where to start.


I'm a life coach by trade and I want to offer you my service and time to answer all the questions you might have.


When you click the button below you can book a one on one call with me and I will do everything in my power to answer all your questions.


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  • Santa Teresa - Las Delicias, Costa Rica


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